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  • Liz Pinon-Sosa

Do's & Don'ts of Creating your Dating Profile Edition

Welcome back to our blog! With the busy day to day schedules we sometimes don't have enough time to go out and meet others. Online dating is the new and easy way to meet your potential match. The first step to meet your future match is creating a dating profile. Creating a successful dating profile is the key to finding someone that may match with you. A dating profile or bio lets others know a little about you, and gives potential partner/friends the first impression about you.

First, you need to start by setting your goals and intentions. We should ask ourselves, who and what

we are looking for? Are you looking for a casual relationship? A serious relationship? A friendship or social circle? Once we have set our intentions, we want to choose the best dating app/site that is best for us. Once we have chosen the site, our next step is very important. We will then begin by creating a bio. Creating a bio is important because it helps others know a little bit about you and may create that initial spark/interest.

Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

● What kind of relationship are you seeking? (E.g., friendship, casual relationship, long term romantic relationship)

● What are your preferences regarding your potential partners characteristics, interests, and values? Consider what you find attractive or important in a potential match.

● What are your deal breakers or non-negotiables? Think about the qualities or behaviors that you can not tolerate in a relationship.

● How would you describe yourself? What are your top qualities and strengths? Think about the traits that you believe would make you a good partner or friend?

● What are your interest/values?

Now we may begin creating our profile bio. Here are some tips to keep in mind for what may be successful and what may not be successful when creating your dating profile.

What you should include in your profile for successful dating: It is important to

be authentic. Being yourself will attract the right people for you! Maybe you will even be able to find the perfect match. It will also create a great conversation starter for potential matches.

- Sexual preference: It is important to add your sexual preference. Let others know who you are into so you don't lead others on.

- Hobbies/interest: It is important to add your hobbies and interest so that others know a little more about you. Your potential match may have similar interests that connect you. Common interests can also lead to a great conversation starter for potential matches. In addition, adding one's hobbies/interests can lead to planning a date by doing activities you both enjoy.

- What/who you are looking for: It is important to state whether you are looking for a friendship or a relationship. You may also add any qualities you are looking for. This will help your potential match decide on swiping if they meet those criteria.

What you shouldn't include in your profile/bio for successful dating? It is important to not be sarcastic, exaggerated, a liar, or add any personal information. Adding any of these points into your bio/profile may make you an unsuccessful/difficult match.

- What you are not looking for (criteria): It is important to not add what you are NOT looking for. This may make you seem like a negative person. Instead focus on what you are looking for.

- Sarcasm: It is important to avoid sarcasm when creating your dating profile. Be authentic and straight forward. Sarcasm may make you come off as rude and may give the wrong impression of you to others.

- Lies: Avoid lies or exaggerations. Let others know what you are into/what you do. Lying will break the trust others have in you and you will give the wrong impression.

- Personal information: Avoid adding in personal information for safety reasons.

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