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Dating and Safety: Key Factors to Consider Online and In-Person

Red Flags, Pro-Tips, and What Factors to Consider

Dating can be confusing and difficult to navigate, whether you are going the online/ dating app route, or meeting people the "old school" way. One of the most important factors when entering or living in the dating world, is keeping your safety in mind.

Red Flags and Listening to your Gut

When dating online or in-person, your gut is your friend! Pay attention to how you are feeling and trust your instincts- if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. When dating online, don't give any personal or financial information (address, neighborhood, bank account information, etc.) There's no reason that the other person would need any of this information, so set a boundary for yourself to not share any of that information in the beginning. If the other person starts pushing for that information, that's probably a red flag that something isn't right and it might be time to move on. If the relationship moves forward to an in-person date, plan ahead for your safety and consider the following tips. Once again, if a date pushes you to give them your address or meet in an isolated place, something probably isn't right.


Location: Pick a public place to go on your date. Avoid going to someone's house or a secluded location until you get to know them better. Consider turning on your “share location” option on your phone, with someone that you trust, so they can always check on you and make sure you’re safe

People: Tell at least one person that you are going on a date, the name of the person, and the location of your date

Transportation: Get to your date location on your own or through public transportation/ ride share/ ride from a friend. Avoid having the person come and pick you up for your first couple dates, so that they don’t know your address

Exit Strategy: Have an exit strategy prepared BEFORE your date. Maybe ask a friend to call you with a fake emergency if you text them a code word, drive yourself to the date so you can leave whenever you want, fake a headache or illness so that you can leave immediately.

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