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Adapt Social Collective

Helping to Build Rewarding Social Connections

Adapt Social Collective focuses on cultivating a variety of social connections for young adults, including friendships, working relationships, and romantic relationships. We believe that everyone deserves to experience these rewarding connections throughout life.

Friends Covering Eyes

About the Collective


Romantic Relationships

Adapt offers workshops that focus on beginning romantic relationships and sustained relationships. These workshops cover everything from starting a conversation with someone to dating, sustaining a relationship, and proposing.


Friendships can be very rewarding, but hard to navigate. The collective offers workshops that guide through the process of  finding friends, hosting "get togethers," and maintaining friendships.


Adapt offers a variety of workshops designed specifically for young adults, ages 18-35 years old.

The Spark Workshop

Beginning Romantic Relationships

Find someone that you want to date

Create online dating and social media profiles

Learn how to ask someone out on a date

Going on dates

Understand how to handle rejection

Beginning a romantic relationship

Dating safety

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